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Faculty of Engineering Science

Chair of Cellular Biomechanics - Prof. Dr. Dr. Elisabetta Ada Cavalcanti-Adam

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Cellular Biomechanics

Mechanical forces are fundamental in shaping various biological processes, including tissue repair and morphogenesis. Pathological conditions, such as cancer and infectious diseases, often involve alterations in the mechanics of both cells and tissues.

Our research focuses on understanding how cells sense and respond to mechanical signals from their environment. To accomplish this task, cells rely on specialized adhesion sites that are coupled to the cytoskeleton. We investigate the interplay between biochemical and mechanical signaling at these adhesion sites, exploring how cell surface receptors integrate these signals to adapt and respond to changing conditions. In our projects, we work on single cells, 2D cell collectives and 3D cellular systems. We are dedicated to making contributions to the field of cell and tissue mechanics, with the ultimate goal of improving human health.

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